O my love, where is thou hand taking this lost soul now?

O my love, where is thou hand taking this lost soul now?
Mountains those left behind, ocean of mankind where discarded,
In my heart only thee exist, mind lost in thine graced gravity
Heart stopped beating, except thou face everything now faded.
Those lips intoxicating my soul with the stream of affection
Fingers lost in reaching and finding thou deep delved curve,
Hair so night like dark swaying on my face making me numb
Eyes like a foaming ocean, beneath the sky hovers only thy love.
There lies my reality doomed somewhere far back in the past
Pursuing thy beauty, delicate and delightful touch of thine fingers
Bare prints of thy feet, I follow’d for the remembrance after death
Moments whilst stay’d here; (in my chest they remain) forever lingers.

© copyright protected 2012


In Between Light and Dark

Twilight; in between light and dark
Hanging few moments that so crimson,
Mighty Sun lost somewhere in the horizon
Where now these eyes stuck.
A lone star behind me started twinkling
In my eyes reflecting those bloody rays
Quickened now withering.
Here comes the wintery night
Now falling so quickly,
I know not – how and why
But a numb and lonely feeling
Wrapping up my soul
Covering my heart slowly.
Shivering with the touch of falling dew on my skin,
Thinking of my unknown destiny
Inside me a frenzy begins.
A long, cold and lone night
Now waiting ahead
a room with a deathly silence
A dimmed light; a cold- lifeless bed.
In between light and dark
My life; ‘Tis now hanging,
Nowhere to go, nobody to hold my hand
Here sitting alone, surroundings I cannot see
Deep down inside me I am dying.

© copyright protected 2012