Restrain Desires Unleashed

Triumph upon my burdened soul-
a suppressed heart now unlocked,
restrain’d desires unleashed –
engulfed eyes opening in silence
with every beat of ticking clock.

Those glittering eyes overshadowing my numbness-
swift my heart with nervous excitement,
thousand drumless beats inside my mortal case
foreshadow’d hope which were numberless.

Thousand years passed in a reverie.
Dreamt of you only – so irresistible,
life with no movement but
desires were mine like brazen made,
impossible and was invincible.

Intimidated my soul, fear’d of destruction in love
life threatened – frenzi’d my heart,
cold hand of despair shadowing everywhere;
yet found such peace so heavenly
in your love – a Holyness inside my heart.

© copyright protected 2012