Might have to come back in another form

Eventually – succeeded to reach
the Edge of this game preserve,
Eleventh hour – few breaths left;
Game of life played here
For long enough – years after years
Past – cannot be seen now,
They may lost in another dimension
or time made them faded.
Look I am not blind yet.
What I see (!) … what I found (!)
Them! Their bones kissing the ground.
Be quiet. Listen. They whisper
They live here – everywhere – in the air,
Heard the refusal in their voice – time now
Obstinate souls – they are here.
Sitting amidst their dust of bones
Filling empty spaces of my diary pages,
with failing sight, shaking hands
Under observation of thousands immortal gazes.
Time – its time, it’s time to let go
Time to join the army of shadows
But why this thirst- unquenchable thirst
Thirst inside my heart, inside my soul
Might have to come back in another ~ form.

© copyright protected 2012




Counting each and every second,
Seeking for the perfection
In between.
Such queries – obsolete
Moments within –
I – the person lost beyond time
Such place to fit in- isolated
A lone spring
Wintery destruction
Amidst the shadows
Nights- writing cold, hopeless words
Do I belong to the poets of the fall(?)

© copyright protected 2012