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….an incomplete poem of a heart ache


He demurred and in wild impulse tried to pull himself all together,
but being shattered; and left in fragments solely to grieve upon thoughts of her.
A swarthy complexion aroused on his face; an incisive direction he starts wading,
seeking for the edge where the path led; why angels became so deceiving?
Daylight began to cursing him and he ran into a darkened den,
and moon light turned into a cold, shining knife slicing his very skin.
O her face, her murmuring voice, her songs poisoning the eyes and the ear,
all her touches crawling beneath the skin, through blood into his heart further.

The very thoughts of her lured him to his certain demise . . .

© copyright protected 2013



11 thoughts on “….an incomplete poem of a heart ache

  1. very good…but very sad …
    Daylight began to cursing him and he ran into a darkened den,
    and moon light turned into a cold, shining knife slicing his very skin.

  2. First, thank you for visiting my blog – through which I have now discovered your writings !

    This post pierces the bone out of the marrow, in utter silent tears. I have deeply felt the serrated pang in your words – you certainly have blood -inked your emotions. Piercingly beautiful post, Kazi.

    • Thank you Shaheen for your comment… I didn’t know my words are so deep like you explained here so poetically… But I was touched by your work and I spent much time reading your work though didn’t post much comments… But I think you truly are an artist and you feel a lot about life….I am really happy to meet you here……!!!

      Truly speaking, This poem is about the state of a heart broken man’s mind who has lost himself completely and seeking for salvation……

      but I couldn’t finish it and waited awhile to feel what it would be the end. I didn’t know actually…

      • Ah, dear Kazi, the “state of the heart” are rather mysterious, enigmatic and rather astounding – of course, I completely understood your writings the moment I read the first few lines – and the “broken man’ in you ensued rather piercingly in your writings. What can I say? Someone who has deeply felt the pangs in the her heart (you have read my recent poem), thus, I truly reckon what you must be feeling. And, I do not believe that you have ‘completely’ lost yourself – for no one, nor, anything should cause such an annihilation – no matter what twisted serrated pang it may be — salvation is not sought, dear Kazi — you ARE the salvation – the ‘human’ in you as fallen weak and lost courage to wipe off the blood-tears, though, the ‘being’ in you is what never annihilates – ’tis there in all matters as long as you are a ‘human-being’. It may not make much sense to you of what I am penning, for, I am notorious in making little sense as you may have witnessed at my blog – I often confuse my readers, as some pain and loss is beyond my fingers to pen on paper, but, the little parts am sure you understand in what I am trying to convey. Live this out — let it all out in the blood-tears – the salvation is truly with you, I am certain of this truth. I do not know what has brought you to this stance in life, but, you shall rise like a phoenix despite your loss — and remember that loss is the most vital of all emotions – for it is a necessary state to look inwards and seek the treasures that live in you – the resilient self we often forget to bring out. Whatever you have lost, or, whoever you have parted from — keep them also in your prayers despite the pain – for this is one of the way to the intimacy of salvation – no matter what, bitterness, should never prevail – it eats the human heart. I trust you shall be a complete man very soon, even more complete then you ever were – take one moment at a time and do remember the good days and exude the energy to the subject that has pierced you.
        No worries about completing the piece as you have mentioned — not everything needs a completion – sometimes unfinished works live through centuries — for it remains an enigma. I hope you do not read my thoughts as lecture – as I reckon it was unsolicited – I just felt compelled to offer some of my thoughts at a time you are feeling ‘broken’. Your writings are lovely despite the ache — I shall read your posts soon as I unearth luxurious time to read liberally as it deserves time.
        Thank you for finding my blog – here is to Kazi – rediscovering his inner realm. Insha’Allah.

  3. Shaheen… Is that what you think that reading your words is like a lecture to me…? C’m on. I truly admire what you say or write. And its my honor that you paid such attention to me and my work. But there are some things in life beyond our thoughts. heartaches cannot be actually obliterate rather need a diversion often. you may lose your love and live with broken heart until you’re getting another affectionate heart to heal your wound. Have you ever try to put together a broken glass or a plate…(?) what happens? you will use a kind of glue to fix it. but if you take a close look you’ll find the broken lines easily be seen. Means scars never left. Heart is such a mechanism I guess. it may broke again and again but can be healed with the touch of an affectionate soul/company/heart whatever you say. But the scar never leaves. You just need to live with it. I have accompanied by my aches long enough. I can live with ’em. Often I say —
    “The most predictable thing about life is its unpredictability”.
    I can quote from Latin –

    “quello che sarà, sarà”
    _”whatever will be, will be.”

      • Yes, true that — what you responded in your comment to me. Much can be discussed on this subject – and one that is centuries old subject, none found the remedy, accept bathe in our own ablutions.

        Ah, facebook – I loathe it – thus then — you can email me – my email address is found near the ‘approval’ side to my comment. I shan’t give it on public platform as I am a very private person – check out the approval side and my email address is there !
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comment box above this one – and, the Latin quote I am familiar with, true that. take care, dear Kazi.

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