Call of Uncertainty

Gathering of thousand feelings in my lonesome engagement-
Amidst chaos of my flattered obscure thoughts- I shattered,
And scattered; moistened and bedewed by my doubtful nature-
Where silence of crowd bothers me; smothering grip upon my neck,
I feel pain such excruciating. Erotic-delicate-softened touch-
Of death alike. The hallowed ground is now fester’d by evil rapture,
The dyke broken and flood of blackish blood invading land of mortals,
And voices are drowned under sand of lies- gasping for air- air of truth.
Surface blackened by bloodless masqueraded faces; and there I sought for-
Absolute perfection- the rarest thing upon planet earth. But the errors,-
Delineated perfectly and I discerned their conspicuous decadence.
Then I excavated my Self from the grave of grasping hands of despair,
Still there left bits of me- Infected. Something alienated, so unknown creeping-
Through my veins- irresistible and incurable. My reformation- I may never-
Return and end up in my journey-
Nowhere – In nothingness.
The call of uncertainty screaming aloud . . .

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2013


Ache to be with you

Like a fragrance in the breeze your love hovers around me,
thought of you intoxicate my sole-self and such drowsy numbness-
that I had drunk vintage wine from your lips. Amidst cloud of faces,
noise alike I travel through a bee hive buzzing aloud but myself,
sitting somewhere far up above a mountain, in a sanctuary.
And my ears filling with your voice, a serene song of the constant flow-
of virgin brook from a high hill; so playful and alive and you never know,
how much I ache to be with you my sweet beloved for an hour!
From this constant rehearsal of quote unquote phrases inside my head
lying- enwrapped by your soft loving hands in a world where none intrudes.
And your playful mischievous movement of fingers cutting through my hairs,
underneath a starry sky accompanied by the queen of night-
the silvery moon from heaven blessing us with her eternal delight.
And falling dew drops covering us with a moist affection and mother nature-
silenced the world with an enigmatic touch and we may fill ourselves,
profusely; with the stream of affection and this night may occurred to be-
a sole remembrance of heavenly pleasures for which every time I return,
again and again to embrace thousand deaths only to be with you . . .

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2013