Creeping into Darkness

Crept into the cursed corner of my darkened dwelling –
When the accusation of innocent hours defunct me.
The silence of crowd penetrated my being with countless venomous darts,
My affectionate heart blackened by her rancorous touch;
When all the companions obscured my sight like stormy clouds
The voiceless scream palpitate my innermost rhythm with sarcasm,
When world’s all perplexities became incomprehensible statements,
And all arguments culminated in mockery and all seriousness into irony,
The Epitomes enraged a battle against each other in falsified manner,
And love deformed into an exchange of materialistic possessions,
Life lived by sensibility of cognizance where only nothingness nurtured,
And death reformed the world inexorably into a sane factor,
That delineated the whole play terminating all hope to the brink of bathos,
Where I no more contemplate my endeavors and-
That is when I crept into the cursed corner of my darkened dwelling . . .

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2013


28 thoughts on “Creeping into Darkness”

  1. This is stunning my friend….leaving me feeling contemplative….and a bit melancholy. Most definitely thought provoking!!! You have such a unique style and I love unique!! ~

    1. Hey Christina…I’m really glad to see that you liked my post…Its all about the bitterness working inside me aft confronting such repulsive manner of this world where I belong to…I expect and dream much more from mankind where they are turning into vile creatures…Deep down inside me I am becoming inexplicably more and more alone…I dream to go for a place where nothing but life, love and all the beauty dwell….

      1. I understand completely….if such a place does indeed exist…let me know and I will join you there…for all I know the only place we can have pure beauty and peace is inside love…which dwells in us all…

  2. Oh wow ~seems to me, a haunting depiction of betrayal and a journey toward darkness. It’s a wonderful write ~ and I hope the light is already shining through the corner you describe. Excellent work!! x RL

    1. Hello Robyn…my dear friend…Glad you liked it…Yes…Its a haunting illustration of a loner who’s journey was always escorted by a shadow…a darkness is only thing he got through out his entire life…If you look for him, you will find him still seeking for the light…I hope someday he might find his desired enlightenment in life….!!

  3. Kazi… Wow. This reminds me of our twitter conversation… Your explanation in your comment to Robyn—perfect. The funny thing about us loners is that here we are, bumping everywhere into others, and yet we are completely alone, lost in the maze of our own minds and the sting of experiences… It’s hard…

    I hope you find enlightenment, too. I hope all of us do…

      1. Never quit dreaming. And even if the whole world fails you, stay true to yourself… I’m dreaming, too… dreaming with you. Knowing you exist gives me hope.

  4. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    1. yea….its true my most works are dark,,,,like my life may be….but what makes you think I couldn’t understand though,,,,!! Thanks for being here Kavita….!!

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