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Towards my own shadow today I speak- 
No one to listen but to you I reveal my saddened heart
                          which once have exulted in rapture.

There were no hours that we may call them together spent
Hear me oh my sole companion, be still and numb
Remember two shadows walked along with each other
                                        – As forever they meant.

And whilst our fledgling love was about to grow
A shadow upon our shadows did hover– so cursed
Blacken’d the sky – devouring all senses – and time
                  – So far a decadence of ultimate sorrow.

Glowing sun deemed like an eclipse occurred upon the planet
and you lost your grace in grievance under such turmoil. 
The arousal of all my agonies and the distress upon
                      – The disappearance of my beloved.

Towards the end of days, obscene gathering of worsened thoughts-
Scandalous notion of my unassailable fragmental desires
And under the invading and dwindling crimson light
               I speak to you my shadow in silence so ominous.

© copyright protected 2013


24 thoughts on “Conversation

  1. oh WOW , I really like this…
    I love the last line…what a perfect ending…
    you are very gifted in your thoughts to words…
    Take Care…

  2. So deep and sad. You use many big words, not always easy to follow… But beautiful, nonetheless. “Ominous” is a dark word, but I love the dark before the rain… And you don’t only have your shadow to talk to. You have me.

  3. Very deep thoughts expressed dearest Kazi. I believe that befriending/embracing –our “shadows” is always the way to self-discovery and healing… Painful at times I know… But also enlightening. Wonderful write. Much love and light–Robyn x

    • Thank you Robyn.. for your beautiful words….!!
      Really glad that you liked my work….!!
      Abruptly felt that inside my head (when I was having a lone feeling intensely) talking to my shadow…Its like a reverie I have had like…!!~ Kazi

  4. Very powerfull, I was entranced by the way you spoke/wrote, there was an elegance and a cadence in the words that I am not sure I can properly explain.

  5. ” I speak to you my shadow in silence so ominous.”

    very good ending

    there this thing about your poetry you choose the right words
    even one word can make us feel

  6. Very beautifully written, Kazi! Our unresolved emotions are our shadows, they tend to carry a burden of love and life, they remain as shadows despite being in light.

    • Wow….!! That is something unexpected you said…!! Thank you but no…. couldn’t publish anything of my work…may be I am not that good as you described….But I wish someday……..
      But thanks a lot for such heart overwhelmed compliment….!!

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