Fragments from lone hours

And I close the door of my darkened chamber; I sit-
(midst of my four-walled confinement)
beside fire- heaving a sigh of relief- Numb. Then hours fled-
my inanimate world comes to motion; commence with the recall of-
forgotten past in an undignified manner. Faces arouse in suspicion-
from a curtained bitterness;
and I listen to those unheard voices from many years back,
all those symphonies which counts no one no more.
Slowly and softly my flattered thoughts embark on a saddened ride,
and the stormy wind outside turn into a grieving companion,
rains strengthen its piercing arrows hurting upon the window glass
-in a sinful excitement,
and that is when all the noises turned off- like none of them ever existed,
quicker the foot steps of the last pedestrian dwindle away from nearby road,
leaving a loner behind in solitude.
The enthusiasm in the fiery flames deaden quietly,
and a cold silence wrap me up. I crawl into the bed and no sound I make,
I dare not awaken the ghosts from the dreamless slumber of night.
So I close my eyes-
but I hear again somewhere near a lost wind bewailing.
Somewhere falls a broken branch crying aloud
I become so aware of my frenzied spines- my anesthetized being,
And then I fall into sleep-
Or I compelled to die . . .
Adieu! Cursed shadows- the dwellers within me.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2013



42 thoughts on “Fragments from lone hours”

  1. your words are the light
    that will brighten your chambers
    for they seem to burst with flames
    of passion,
    even in the lost moments of last night…
    what an emotional wave of thoughts you have created….
    Take Care…You Matter…

      1. you are very welcome..
        you should expect more…you are very gifted…
        Take Care..

  2. Mary Rose is right… You matter, sweet Kazi. You matter to me…and all the world.

    I think this is one of my favorites of your work yet… You paint such vivid pictures. I want to wrap you in my arms and tell you, “Shh. Everything’s going to be okay…” Even in your four-walled confinement. For I will be there with you… listening to the rain and the passerbys and the branches cracking outside, and the breaths coming from deep within you, and your heart — and its beautiful, melancholy tune… love…

  3. You have such a talent in expressing such powerfully compelling thoughts….I’m not sure if it is the same for you…but when I am overwhelmed with emotions….words are my balm…my enlightenment….my peace. You are so very gifted sweet friend! Keep writing…maybe the shadows will dissipate with your words of enlightenment…

    I love reading your words….thank you for sharing your journey with us…with me….

    1. I’m overwhelmed by the words of yours. I am not so talented as you said Christina. I am just writing down my feelings that’s all… I still have some hope from myself. And yes…writing is my relief… -Kazi

  4. You ARE very talented; not everyone has the gift to articulate, to actually depict that “feeling” as you have done so well in this post. Beautifully done (although heartwrenching)…I look forward to visit more

  5. Thank you for following my blog. This work of art is the first thing I read this morning. I know this feeling well. Alone is the best place to be, quiet can be your friend. I know I will enjoy reading more. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you Michelle….Silence is sometime good sometime bad…Good when the world is a painful place and bad when you yourself become painful to yourself… I know both the feelings. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ll be there to read from yours when I get time….
      Hope you are having great time…~ Kazi

  6. So profound my friend, your words sketch a picture of feelings, that come alive as I walk through the lines! Very gifted you are Kazi, enjoyed your writing very much!! God bless!

  7. My God, I can fully feel you in these words, in this moment. Extremely well expressed. Very human. I can see that dark.

    1. Thank you Victoria…Its a great comment for me…a compliment…Its my imaginary feelings…Once I was sitting alone and felt such way and started typing those words…!!

  8. stopping by to say hello
    and that your whispers on the wind
    that spin
    into a beauty felt within
    are missed….
    Take care You Matter…

  9. Very impressive work! I’m glad I follow your blog! Thanks for your “like” of HAIKU — 09192013-2. Carl Sagan would be happy you liked it! 🙂

    Keep writing…we love it!


  10. I just discovered you via Pinterest…and stumbled upon your blog post Fragments from Lone Hours”……….I have to say, I can totally relate. And your writing is beautiful. Where have you been between then and now? Though I am not a poet, I am a writer as well (though a closet one at that) and can sometimes twist my words so eloquently as you do, but having an analytical mind I tend to write lengthy commentary about thought and experience. An old blog of mine is still up but years old should you care to read some…(start with the earlier posts and maybe skip around). www.

    1. Dear Scarlett, I’m glad you liked my work. Though I am still not that good at writing. And I haven’t posted anything for awhile as you can see…. But I am truly happy to know you here. Its a great pleasure to see someone liking my work and appreciating. Thanks a lot. I’d love to read your work. Only when I get time my friend. Looking forward to have conversation with you…….

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