​I carefully notice the candle sometime. I watch it burns to death while it enlightens others. But when I look at the place where it stands I find life’s greatest tragedy. Where it stands I see only darkness. Some people are like candles. They make themselves the reason for other’s happiness yet their own roots lie in the darkest place and they end up in nothing eventually. 

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A mind—in need of detachment 

​Sometime it is helpful to be thrown amongst entirely unknown people where they do not care who you are or what you do. They show no sympathies and you do not receive any influence of their random nature forcing upon you. The time spending amidst them assist the mind sustaining all resources it has contained and untouched. Accompanied by people with utter detachment at the same time set apart the mind free enough to make its speculations of the characters it confronts and to class them with utmost calmness… 

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Love is answer… 

​You disdained— underestimated others and built a palace to live a comfortable life. The ingredients of your palace are not concrete rather the bricks of broken and suppressed feelings and emotions of those you believed inferior to you. You just have to wait for a storm to destroy your castle down and let you know that broken pieces cannot be glued together and make it strong enough to build something new from it. That invincible feeling you nurtured deep within is nothing but hollow-  an empty shell. You need love and respect toward others and their feelings to make something strong and new out of it. You should have known that only true love and friendship can save you eventually and love is answer to all queries…

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She was a goddess

​she was a goddess
and her heart was the temple. 
her eyes were the door to
her soul where no one was 
allowed to enter. 
her beauty was divine
and worshipped by many
but all she did was —
waiting for the one to 
unlock the door to her heart. 

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Her Scent

always feel like
the wind carried HER 
— her scent 
to me. 
So when the wind blows

inhale the air
— deeply 
travels through my lungs 
flowing with my blood 
reaches my heart 
home — where 
truly belongs…  

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