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Why you chose me? 

​Look at me
you will see
a lonely one
in a solitary confinement
living with my
own death of dreams.
No expectation from life.
My road seems end here.
No fate.
Heart shattered into pieces.
Left alone
in the middle of the desert.
Why this isolation? 
I know you’re asleep
when my name appeared.
Oh how cruel you are? 
Though I thank you
to write a life
Tell me – why? 
Why you chose the ink of grief? 
Time is running out– 
slipping out of my fingers
like sand.
I hear
the sound of construction
of my new home.
It is waiting for me to take in.
Before these eyes see no more
and ears fails to listen, 
show me your cruel face. 
Let me hear the reasons. 
Speak out loud.
Why you chose me? 
all rights reserved © 2016


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