Here you have me now —

Here you have me now —

In a gaze I behold
appealingly provocative blush
upon your face
I kiss you
with a crooked smile
and your enveloped sighs
that you leave behind inside my hungry mouth
I devour them all
a hunger I feel in my soul
never have I felt before.
Folding the night into a white sheet of paper
with few ink drops
squeezing from the moon
flirtatiously modest —
a light
that is wrapped in a coy luminescence
and the porcelain touch
in your swirling gazes
like crazy sea-wind circling around nothing
but for a home
where it can rest eventually
My sweet beloved
eyes of yours cast spell
a look
so seamless
finds me my way to myself
and a love
my love
waxes you with —
honey — heavenly.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017