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Welcome to my blog.
I write what I feel from deep with.
Many things suppressed inside my heart I just put them on pages
through words adding my emotion and feeling.
I consider myself an emotional fool or sometime just a dreamer.
Whatever I am- its really not necessary to judge me.
I believe – I am what I am.
My words – all about me,
my feelings and my life filled with so many bitter experiences, nightmares and weird dreams.
As a student of English Literature I always had an obsession towards poetry.
And after started writing my feelings and through a long journey of- filling empty pages I eventually came to the end with practicing poetry.

Thanks for visiting my blog . If anyone want to talk about anything feel free to mail me…

My Contact:

Mail Address_  kazi.mustakim56@gmail.com

Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh


43 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh… My heart relates to this very much. I am glad you found my blog, and that I found yours. Although I’ve never been there, my heart is very much in Dhaka right now… Blessings to you. Keep writing. Never stop.

    • Thank you so much Jessica…..I’m really enchanted that you like my blog…I may need little bit time to visit your works….but I will soon… Sending all my good wishes for you…..

  2. Its really wonderful to come across you! Thanks for being on my blog! I would have missed the essence of precious verses had I not landed here!

    • You need not to thank me dear Soumyav…But I can say you should go through Byron as well as Keats Cause if you haven’t yet, you may have missed a lot of things….They are always my fav and at the same time my inspiration too… I hope you’ll enjoy their work…..!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for considering my blog worthy enough to follow.I’ll need some time to go through your poetry/prose which i am sure is worth the attention.God bless.

  4. Nice to meet you, Kazi. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. wish I could have such talent…you write very well…Im glad to read that it helps you release emotions as well. I like that about writing too. Blessings, Cheryl-Lynn

  5. Hi Kazi – lovely to meet you and to read your thoughts and poetry – powerfully written – true emotions felt. Thank you for your visit and follow at art rat cafe – I am honoured…

    • Hey…The honor is mine…Thank you for your kind words..great inspirations for me though…Happy you stopped by…I’d love to go through your work asap when I get time…!! Have great time…

  6. Hello thank you for the follow and lovely comment on my post. As always, returned. You blog seems full of beautiful words and I look forward to reading your posts. take care, chat soon. 🙂

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