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Thank you all my friends for your support and love from the bottom of my heart. When I started blogging I never had any idea that I would possibly get this much appreciation from everyone. Now, sometime I feel so damn happy inside beside overwhelmed with joy knowing my friends love my works and for all your likes and comments I am really grateful to you all.

Today I found my friend Ajay nominated me for 30 blogger awards. Thank you Ajay for this honor though I am still not sure that I really deserve this or not. But I am so much grateful to you my friend. As you mentioned I am choosing three awards from your nominations happily.





5 thoughts on “Awards

    • Dear Cris… First of all, Its all my pleasure that I found your blog and you don’t have to thank me for that… But my friend, after reading your post unfortunately I failed to grasp the idea of your found resemblance of where I belong with your recent post…!! (May be I am stupid)

      • Ah, I see what you mean. I had to go back and read my original post.

        Everything I read on your site seems to embrace a downer way of looking at life, depressing. I may be wrong, but just from the small sample I looked at, this was what I found.

        What I meant was, the depressed state of the house in Skeletal Remains seemed to fit the overall state of depression that seemed to vibrate from your posts.

        I may be off-target in my assumptions, but that is what came across as I read your posts. My comment was not meant to offend, just observe, and, obviously, I did a poor job of observation. Many apologies.

      • No….don’t apologize Cris…Thank you for being there reading my posts…your assumption isn’t wrong but slightly misinterpreted…Its not about looking at life in a downer look but its something about reality I have been confronting many years of my life….. you said nothing offending be sure… we all have our way of looking at things right? And different perspectives and point of views…I appreciate your criticism…

        Best wishes for you…..

      • My remarks weren’t meant to be a criticism, Kazi. I was just making an observation, and, apparently, not too clearly.

        I can’t tell you how many things I’ve written over the years from that perspective. Those were eventually tossed and I now try to inject a new perspective in my life, which isn’t always easy, because that former reality was embedded so deeply into my soul that it has been hard for me to dig my way out of it, and quite frankly, I’m not there yet.

        I still have a great deal of cynicism to deal with, and an occasional lapse into sarcasm. It doesn’t seem that’s where you’re coming from, but it’s only part of where I was coming from.

        You’re welcome back at my site anytime.
        Best wishes yourself.

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