Onset of every morn and amidst every night
a loner ~ only inhabitant of the mountain peak
once felt queer whilst gazing at the cloudless blue sky
a bird like a paper kite circling there on its flight.

Somewhat puzzled but with an admiring gaze
his eyes followed it even through the shining blaze,
as aft awhile accompanied by a living creature
departed from his consciousness – lost in a maze.

Later like a voice summoned up in the blue heaven
Gray clouds gather’d shape like cotton made creature
and the humming sound of lost drifted wind
amidst all; the bird kept flying – in its way so even.

Beholder of that divine drama; awaits for the screen fall
The day ended with the deemed drunken eyed firey ball
and the darkness invading the light in spite of all
Whilst the Bird changed its track attending an eternal call.

The Bird, hovering in the sky lost in the horizon
Such was the creature, had such impulse to soar,
unknowingly deluded by the rays so crimson
solely an illusion compelled chances of its’ return lower.

© copyright protected 2012