and your flame my love

I sense a slow-ish burn
without the influence of your soft touches,
and your fingers mapping my skin.
The flavor of your fire —
electrifies me
and your flame my love
ignites —
my heart and soul.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017


Ache to be with you

Like a fragrance in the breeze your love hovers around me,
thought of you intoxicate my sole-self and such drowsy numbness-
that I had drunk vintage wine from your lips. Amidst cloud of faces,
noise alike I travel through a bee hive buzzing aloud but myself,
sitting somewhere far up above a mountain, in a sanctuary.
And my ears filling with your voice, a serene song of the constant flow-
of virgin brook from a high hill; so playful and alive and you never know,
how much I ache to be with you my sweet beloved for an hour!
From this constant rehearsal of quote unquote phrases inside my head
lying- enwrapped by your soft loving hands in a world where none intrudes.
And your playful mischievous movement of fingers cutting through my hairs,
underneath a starry sky accompanied by the queen of night-
the silvery moon from heaven blessing us with her eternal delight.
And falling dew drops covering us with a moist affection and mother nature-
silenced the world with an enigmatic touch and we may fill ourselves,
profusely; with the stream of affection and this night may occurred to be-
a sole remembrance of heavenly pleasures for which every time I return,
again and again to embrace thousand deaths only to be with you . . .

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2013

The Naked-ness of Desires

Oblivious to the presence of my own existence-
like opium drain’d through the veins- lost,
Inanimate world came into motion only-
the motionless me. Dwindling sight and
nervous call of my psyche. Awaken’d desires-
mischievous touch, playing-crawling underneath
my skin. Vivid-ness of a bright light- yellowish mid-
summer day. Crawling into the bed- then I fall into sleep;
Or not, or may it a profound reverie! Oblivious to the
world that someone’s dreaming. Was that a dream or
what named of a dream?- A dream within a dream. Like
-shadows invading everything exist in the room.
Only the vivid-ness of burning light comin’,-
through the window glass failing my sight; discarding
my being. O! The goodness of angel or my desires
of devilish thought! What I see? Who do I see?
Such numbness that I cannot move; anasthetiz’d
my wholeness. And I see- a lady. Sitting right next to
the window-on the couch. Gazing with her lustrous eyes-
and piercing through my transient mortal case; rising
my morbid fascination. I see a beauty-beyond all my
reckoning. The lustrous desire of heart along with my unquenchable-
thirst in the eyes of being lov’d- enjoyed the horrifying
Beauty of her deep delve carve cutting through window
light. And the soft swell carve of her naked breast –
curtained under her shadowy whirlpool of curly hair.
And like a bow, her bending hands illustrate perfect
Ivory. Shadows like trudging down softly, very slowly
Curtailing her image in my eyes and I crave to invade her Beauty.
O! My naked desire. Turning a white heart
into darkened dwelling where- desire burning
in such firey flame- famished for centuries.
Craving to meet that fire like a moth. O! Goddess;
Take me-let me die burning into your flame.
I may collapse and doom’d for an eternity-

and alike a propeller whirr’d, and the clock buzzed
like an obstinate envious withstander . . .  and . . .my eyes opened. 

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2013