Here you have me now —

Here you have me now —

In a gaze I behold
appealingly provocative blush
upon your face
I kiss you
with a crooked smile
and your enveloped sighs
that you leave behind inside my hungry mouth
I devour them all
a hunger I feel in my soul
never have I felt before.
Folding the night into a white sheet of paper
with few ink drops
squeezing from the moon
flirtatiously modest —
a light
that is wrapped in a coy luminescence
and the porcelain touch
in your swirling gazes
like crazy sea-wind circling around nothing
but for a home
where it can rest eventually
My sweet beloved
eyes of yours cast spell
a look
so seamless
finds me my way to myself
and a love
my love
waxes you with —
honey — heavenly.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017


I see in you

I see
I see in you
A delicate one
With a birdlike vulnerability.

I see
I see in you
A kiss
That you give me
Soft and crisp
Pleasingly fresh –

I see
I see in you
Hunger for something
Emotions – deep
Sometime a portion
Sometime a whole lot of me.

I see
I see in you
Open arms towards me
And inside
Those deep–delved curve of your arms
Between whispers a sipping soul.

I see
I see in you
The intoxicating scent of your caressing hair
Upon my face
Like hidden beneath a dark night
Lies the drunk – me.

I see
I see in you
A sleeping beauty
Sleeping a long sleep
Holding me
Where I patiently –
Faithfully wait
To see you stir.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017

In a Mid-June stormy breeze

For some unknown reason
The strings of our heart
Continue to get crossed.
The way — intensely
They rub against each other,
Entangled by a mysterious spell
Cast by your eyes.
Eyes — those are conjuror of
Two strings — like arc
Sparkling brightly.
Too many thoughts
Coming back to us,
To our story
Again and again.
Brain entirely collapsed
When my whispering heart
Speak to yours my love.
No matter what goes on
No matter how many eyes
Burning us with their curious jealous mind,
I’d be still watching you
Looking into my eyes
With the lost last sense of yours.
I’d be still watching you crave
To touch my hand
To feel my fingers locked in yours
When walking through the
Ocean of mad men around.
I’d be watching you
Standing amidst chaos
— in silence
Sensing my very being
— my each emphatic movement
When the electric waves of your heart
Reaching me constantly
But I’d be still watching you
— your rustling apron
Waving all the uncertainty good-bye
In a Mid-June stormy breeze.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017

Today — I am married to her tear drops

Today —
I am married to her tear drops —
Twinkling crimson rays of twilight
Crawling down her soft cheeks.
I make love to them at
The end of day —
When the mighty sun dies
And the moon high above the sky,
When the music is drunk
And each note dances upon the air.
I shake the fading stars
Bang the night
Frenzied my heart in amaze
Listening to the echoing sea shell
And I make love to her
I make love to her tear drops
Cascading in a whirling wind
Of words and phrases.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017

Gest for my love

O’ my Goddess,
in your hair-
cryptocrystalline blackishness
pierce deeply the sunshine,
when sway –
light withers
and night invades the day.
On your lips –
twilight deepens to scarlet
like vermilion-
forming in crimson red,
crowns softly your twinkling smile,
when your celestial beauty
lilt an ethereal whisper –
sighs only I hear.
And those eyes –
penetrate my being with such affection,
inebriate gasp in my breath –
your love,
your touch,
your gentle confluence.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017