Gest for my love

O’ my Goddess,
in your hair-
cryptocrystalline blackishness
pierce deeply the sunshine,
when sway –
light withers
and night invades the day.
On your lips –
twilight deepens to scarlet
like vermilion-
forming in crimson red,
crowns softly your twinkling smile,
when your celestial beauty
lilt an ethereal whisper –
sighs only I hear.
And those eyes –
penetrate my being with such affection,
inebriate gasp in my breath –
your love,
your touch,
your gentle confluence.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017

Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder

Crystal Ball Sunset

Just like Plato said- ‘’Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder’’, I would love to think alike and same time I earnestly believe so. Basically things are all same, made of same ingredients with picturesque details perchance and through your eyes, your imaginative requirements of mind make it grand, rich and sumptuous to you……..or beauty is just of little consequence perhaps!

© copyright protected 2015