Time, her and our tale

In all my wrongs and rights
I shall write our tales
words — breathe through time,
words that span centuries,
or — go beyond,
where — least in a vortex of matters
I shall find her.
Time — is all wrong
for us now —
once she told — with a sigh
that echoes through time,
swirling around me now,
and today I capture her,
and us — the tale of our time
that tore us apart.
I now write our time,
through time,
a history that lies before us
and after us.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017


not enough

Like a withering second
               in a vast timeline
               you existed in my life,
a small portion that wasn’t enough,
             not enough to love you,
             not enough to melt in you,
not enough to paint my empty canvas
with the rainbow you were my love,
not enough to make you mine,
that was never enough
and it will never be.

KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017

Cluster of Thoughts

You are my salvation
through limitless love
and unendurable pain…


In a split second distance
I breathe the same air you take in
and that is how I have you
inside me, for now and a lifetime…


Time heals the wound
slowly and painfully but it does
only leaving a scar behind
to tell a broken story…


No matter how much I try
I cannot reach you
so I am sending my soul out
of this mortal cage
to meet yours
through the air to your lungs
through dreams in your sleep
through tears crawling down your cheeks
through music to your heart
through death to your life…


KaziMustakim_All Rights Reserved © 2017